Stress Free Logistics Terminal

What we do

A premium stress free duly licensed and gazetted Transit Shed for the handling of imports, transit and exports containers in the heart of Nairobi’s logistics hub.

FCL (GP) Local Import Containers

FCL (GP) Local Transit Containers

FCL (GP) Import Containers Stripping

Overland Export Cargo Intervention

Facility Features

Handling Capacity

990 ground slots, 4-high stacking capacity = 3,960 TEUs. Estimated annual throughput capacity at 10days dwell time = 75,800 TEUs

Warehouse Size

20,000 sq. ft (1,850 sq mts) with 66m long x 12m wide all-weather cargo verification canopy capable of 24 simultaneous container verifications.

Safety & Security

CCTV system with OCR technology at the gates. 27no. Cameras at strategic locations within the facility. Installed fire safety system with industrial high-capacity water pump

Handling Equipment

3no. reach stackers. 2no. 3-ton forklifts. Pallet trolleys.

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Facility and Equipment

With enough moving equipment personnel and storage space, you are sure of the best services.